Bringing Value to the Travel Industry.



To be an investment company that makes positive changes in the travel industry.


We are thrilled for unique projects that no one could ever experience before. We allow individuals to spend their precious time in the most fabulous locations and to feel the excitement of this world. 

Core Values


Projects standing in our portfolio must be unique. It is the uniqueness in today's nearly limitless-possibilities world that can fulfil our senses.

Superior quality

The excitement and experience must go hand in hand with the first-class quality of service. Together with an experienced team of specialists and project managers, we have always been fully aware of this. This even more valid, when serving to the world's most demanding clients.


Independent from other institutions we are enabled to connect our values and provide our clients with a sincere and undistorted perspective. The willingness to make the independent projects great drives us always forward. 


Uniqueness and superior quality to successful operation.



Known for its extraordinary quality of service provided, Wellstay is an investment company, founded to meet the needs of the most demanding world-famous clients. The uniqueness and desire to improve the surroundings and to deliver the highest value has led it to invest in several unique residential projects. These have two in common: the extraordinary quality and absolute uniqueness.

Initially founded in the Czech Republic, it has expanded its investment activities to several regions of the world. From current operations in Europe and East Africa, the company is seeking for new opportunities to expand its business globally. It continues to focus both on unique residential and non residential projects. It continues to deliver the quality and values exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding clients.


Ready to join the ride?